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Blackpool has welcomed an array of acts across the music and comedy circuits.

The Blackpool Tower is the bill they all want to headline, the iconic bucket list venue of the North. LIVE at The Blackpool Tower now offers two live entertainment spaces, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom and The Fifth Floor.

Playing live at a smaller music venue is a rite of passage for aspiring artists;

  • The Fifth Floor offers an intimate event space with a standing capacity of 750 and seated at 500.
  • The Ballroom is a grandiose setting, welcoming a crowd of up to 3000 in a standing capacity and 2000 seated.

If you are looking for a venue that associates words such as Bucket List Venue- Iconic- Adaptable- Intimate- Cultural- Fun- Stature- then bring your tour or warm up gig to The Blackpool Tower.

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How to find us

Located in the centre of town with excellent transport links and many car parks nearby, The Blackpool Tower is accessible to locals and those travelling from afar.

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