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Brand new show for 2023!

The Blackpool Tower Circus is Blackpool's longest-running show.

No other show has the rich heritage that The Blackpool Tower Circus possesses. Delivering incredible stunts with belly laughs aplenty, meet legendary clowns Mooky and Mr Boo as you roll up for the UK's biggest and best Circus.

We have a brand new show for you in 2023! Mooky and Mr Boo will be joined by some amazing acrobats and stunt performers selected from around the world! 

The show runs 11th February to 5th November 2023, booking is now available for shows throughout the 2023 season. 

Foot Juggler 2023

Amazing acts from all around the world

Mooky and Mr Boo are back to present their brand-new show for 2023. As well as causing mayhem and laughter, our resident clowns have a whole host of new acts hand-picked from around the world to introduce to you.

Prepare to be amazed by some of the best acrobatics you’ve ever seen, juggling… but not as you know it (have you ever seen someone juggle fire with their feet?) and so many other awesome stunts!

Circus Globe of Speed motorbike stunt 2023


Exclusive to the 2023 season: Don’t miss your chance to see the Globe of Speed, an act like no other! Watch from the edge of your seat as motorcyclists defy death with skill, precision, and a touch of madness. 

The show will not disappoint and can only be described as the must-see show of the season.

Mooky the Clown and Mr Boo at the Blackpool Tower Circus


Over the years, many Clowns have starred in the famous Tower Circus Arena.

  • One of the first was Bob Kellino, who performed from 1897 – 1903.
  • Between the two World Wars, Doodles became the Tower's most popular Circus Clown, performing with his sidekick Austin and ringmaster George Lockhart.
  • The famous Charlie Cairoli made his debut appearance at the Circus in 1939 and continued to make audiences laugh for over 40 years.
  • Since 1991, (that's over 30 years!) the Circus has been home to the Endresz family, the present incumbent of the role is the incredibly talented Mooky, son of Tower Circus Director & Producer Laci Endresz Snr and the third generation from a famous family of Clowns.


The history of The Blackpool Tower Circus


The Blackpool Tower Circus opened its doors in 1894 and hasn't missed a season since!

Ever since the first show, The Circus has been delighting audiences with its unique combination of fun, thrills and spectacular feats of skill and bravery by our artists from the four corners of the globe.