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Bar 380

Please note Bar 380 is closed until further notice
Cocktails Drinks at Sky High Bar 380 at the top of the Blackpool Tower Eye

The only bar in Blackpool where you can see the entire Blackpool coastline!

The stylish sky high Bar 380 offers a tranquil setting to enjoy a relaxing drink whilst taking in the best views in the North West from the very top of The Blackpool Tower.

Enjoy festive treats, spectacular views, Cocktails, Mocktails, beers and soft drinks in elevated style 380ft in the sky at the top of The Blackpool Tower! What better way to start off a great day/night in Blackpool than to visit our iconic venue with the view...

What a great idea to put a cocktail bar at the top of the tower and the two for one happy hour on cocktails makes it very reasonable. Great cocktails too. And to top it all a great young singer to entertain, I will definitely be returning there.