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Make your school trip to Blackpool amazing – from the heights of The Blackpool Tower Eye with breath-taking SkyWalk, to the depths of The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, you’ll be amazed at what’s going on in the resort.

Plus! Don’t forget Blackpool’s all-time favourites Mooky the Clown and Mr Booo still making audiences laugh in The Blackpool Tower Circus as well as the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom, with all its majesty and splendour and Jungle Jim's where children can have the play-time of their lives.

New for 2016: The Blackpool Tower Circus Pantomime School Shows

This year your pupils can get into the festive spirt with our special schools showings of Jack and the Beanstalk. Showings every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout December at 12pm.

To book call 0871 282 9235*


School trips have never been this good!

Blackpool is the home of great seaside fun, so why not immerse each and every one of your students head first into what could be one of the most exciting days of discovery all year!

Our amazing attractions offer a great mix of educational and recreational activities. We have a range of new curriculum enrichment lessons and resources (see each attraction for details), as well as activities perfect for end of year recreational visits. There is something for all ages to be inspired by with a visit to The Blackpool Tower.

New for 2016: Our new Blackpool Tower High Writing Academy (BTHWA) resources provide teachers with free plans and resources for pre and post visit learning. These plans are designed to enhance pupils’ writing and will compliment any visit to The Blackpool Tower attractions. (See resources section below to download these resources free)

The team at Merlin Entertainments Blackpool are ready to offer your pupils a variety of school trips they’ll never forget. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some amazing experiences and we’re so excited to be welcoming your school.

Select one of the attraction tabs above to start exploring what we have to offer!

Our prices

Nursery and Primary School Prices Per Pupil

Package Prices
(1 free adult 1: 5 pupils)
Jan to May and Sept to Dec
(excluding 17th – 28th Oct)
June and July
and 17th Oct - 28th October
Additional adults
Blackpool Tower Eye
Blackpool Tower Dungeon
Blackpool Tower Circus
Blackpool Tower Circus Pantomime
(From 22nd November – 22nd January)
Jungle Jim’s Play Area
Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Secondary School and College Prices Per Student

Package Prices
(1 free adult 1:10 pupils)
Jan to May and Sept to Dec
(excluding 17th – 21st Oct)
June and July
and 17th Oct – 28th October
Additional adults
Blackpool Tower Eye
Blackpool Tower Dungeon
Blackpool Tower Circus
Blackpool Tower Circus Pantomime
(From 22nd November – 22nd January)
Jungle Jim’s Play Area
Blackpool Tower Ballroom


Curriculum enrichment lessons last for 1 hour and there are five time slots available:

  • 9:30-10:30, 10:30-11:30, 11:30-12:30, 13:00-14:00 and 14:00-15:00

We have an array of lessons for all ages at each of our attractions.

Take a look at the list of lessons below which include a brief outline of what each lesson consists of. 


Please note thats Circus Skills is only available from April - October 


We cater for further education institutions with sessions linked to Travel and Tourism, Leisure and Business.

Take a look at the lesson below which has a brief outline of what’s involved.



The Blackpool Tower Eye

What better way to captivate your class than a trip to the iconic Blackpool Tower. At The Blackpool Tower Eye with 4D Cinema Experience, school trips will never be the same again! Before embarking on your ascent to The Blackpool Tower Eye, don’t forget to visit the 4D Cinema with amazing sights, smells and special effects! Then embark on the journey to the top of The Blackpool Tower and onto the SkyWalk. Never before have you been able to see so much of Blackpool as you tread across metres of glass... it’s like walking on air!

Make it educational

Key subjects covered on a trip to The Blackpool Tower Eye and 4D Cinema (Key stage 2)

  • Geography
  • Science
  • Numeracy
  • Art and Design
  • History

Make it fun

  • See how many famous landmarks you can spot from The Blackpool Tower Eye – don’t forget to venture to the upper Eye levels!
  • How many pupils can you fit on the SkyWalk at once and who will be brave enough to walk the full length?
  • Special offers for school and academy souvenirs are available in The Blackpool Tower Eye shop.

Make it beneficial

  • FREE teacher inspection visit
  • FREE teacher places
  • Priority entrance
  • FREE resource packs downloadable below
  • Areas available on request for packed lunches
  • Visit lasts approx. 60-90 minutes.

Why not combine your trip to The Blackpool Tower Eye with one of our special tower building Curriculum Enrichment Sessions?


The Blackpool Tower Circus

Set amongst the four legs of The Blackpool Tower, the impressive Circus has wowed audiences since 1894! Perfect for children (and big kids!), clowns Mooky and Mr Booo lead world-class acrobats for a performance which will wow and amaze you… and not to forget the breath-taking water finale! Perfect for your end of term class visits or to tag on after a visit elsewhere, each year you’ll witness different acts ready to impress.

The main season Circus runs from March to November and shows last for 2 hours. Special midday Circus shows in June and July last for 1 hour.

Find out when the next Blackpool Tower Circus show is – the main season show runs until 6th November 2016

August Show Times

The Blackpool Tower Circus Times August
Day Date Time
Monday 1 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Tuesday 2 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Wednesday 3 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Thursday 4 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Friday 5 August No Show
Saturday 6 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 7 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 8 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Tuesday 9 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Wednesday 10 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Thursday 11 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Friday 12 August No Shows
Saturday 13 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 14 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 15 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Tuesday 16 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Wednesday 17 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Thursday 18 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Friday 19 August No Shows
Saturday 20 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 21 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 22 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Tuesday 23 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Wednesday 24 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Thursday 25 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Friday 26 August No Shows
Saturday 27 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 28 August 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Monday 29 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Tuesday 30 August 1.00pm/4.00pm
Wednesday 31 August 1.00pm/4.00pm

September Show Times

The Blackpool Tower Circus Times September
Day Date Time
Thursday 1 September 1.00pm/4.00pm
Friday 2 September No Show
Saturday 3 September 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 4 September 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 5 September 2.30pm
Tuesday 6 September 2.30pm
Wednesday 7 September 2.30pm
Thursday 8 September 2.30pm
Friday 9 September No Shows
Saturday 10 September 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 11 September 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 12 September No Shows
Tuesday 13 September 2.30pm
Wednesday 14 September 2.30pm
Thursday 15 September 2.30pm
Friday 16 September No Shows
Saturday 17 September 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 18 September 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 19 September No Shows
Tuesday 20 September 2.30pm
Wednesday 21 September 2.30pm
Thursday 22 September 2.30pm
Friday 23 September No Shows
Saturday 24 September 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 25 September 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 26 September No Shows
Tuesday 27 September 2.30pm
Wednesday 28 September 2.30pm
Thursday 29 September 2.30pm
Friday 30 September No Shows

October Show Times

The Blackpool Tower Circus Times October
Day Date Time
Saturday 1 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 2 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 3 October No Shows
Tuesday 4 October 2.30pm
Wednesday 5 October 2.30pm
Thursday 6 October 2.30pm
Friday 7 October No Shows
Saturday 8 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 9 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 10 October 2.30pm
Tuesday 11 October 2.30pm
Wednesday 12 October 2.30pm
Thursday 13 October 2.30pm
Friday 14 October No Shows
Saturday 15 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 16 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 17 October 2.30pm
Tuesday 18 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Wednesday 19 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Thursday 20 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Friday 21 October No Shows
Saturday 22 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 23 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 24 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Tuesday 25 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Wednesday 26 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Thursday 27 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Friday 28 October No Shows
Saturday 29 October 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 30 October 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 31 October 1.00pm/4.00pm

November Show Times

The Blackpool Tower Circus Times November
Day Date Time
Tuesday 1 November 1.00pm/4.00pm
Wednesday 2 November 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Thursday 3 November 1.00pm/4.00pm
Friday 4 November No Shows
Saturday 5 November 1.00pm/4.00pm/7.00pm
Sunday 6 November 1.00pm/4.00pm
Monday 7 November
Tuesday 8 November
Wednesday 9 November
Thursday 10 November
Friday 11 November
Saturday 12 November
Sunday 13 November
Monday 14 November
Tuesday 15 November
Wednesday 16 November
Thursday 17 November
Friday 18 November
Saturday 19 November
Sunday 20 November
Monday 21 November
Tuesday 22 November
Wednesday 23 November
Thursday 24 November
Friday 25 November
Saturday 26 November
Sunday 27 November
Monday 28 November
Tuesday 29 November
Wednesday 30 November
Thursday 31 November

Circus Show

The Blackpool Tower Pantomime – Jack and the Beanstalk runs from 26th November 2016

Pantomime Show Times

The Blackpool Tower Pantomime Show Times
Day Date Time
Saturday 26 November 2.30pm
Sunday 27 November 2.30pm
Monday 28 November No Show
Tuesday 29 November No Show
Wednesday 30 November No Show
Thursday 1 December No Show
Friday 2 December No Show
Saturday 3 December 2.30pm
Sunday 4 December 2.30pm
Monday 5 December No Show
Tuesday* 6 December 12pm
Wednesday* 7 December 12pm
Thursday 8 December No Show
Friday 9 December No Show
Saturday 10 December 1pm / 4pm
Sunday 11 December 2.30pm
Monday 12 December No Show
Tuesday* 13 December 12pm
Wednesday* 14 December 12pm
Thursday 15 December No Show
Friday 16 December No Show
Saturday 17 December 1pm / 4pm
Sunday 18 December 2.30pm
Monday 19 December No Show
Tuesday* 20 December 12pm
Wednesday* 21 December 12pm
Thursday 22 December No Show
Friday 23 December No Show
Saturday 24 December 2.30pm
Sunday 25 December No Show
Monday 26 December 1pm / 4pm
Tuesday* 27 December 1pm / 4pm
Wednesday* 28 December 1pm / 4pm
Thursday 29 December 1pm / 4pm
Friday 30 December 2.30pm
Saturday 31 December 2.30pm
Sunday 1 January 2017 1pm / 4pm
Monday 2 January 2017 2.30pm
Tuesday 3 January 2017 2.30pm
Wednesday 4 January 2017 2.30pm
Thursday 5 January 2017 2.30pm
Friday 6 January 2017 No Show
Saturday 7 January 2017 2.30pm
Sunday 8 January 2017 2.30pm
Monday 9 January 2017 No Show
Tuesday 10 January 2017 No Show
Wednesday 11 January 2017 No Show
Thursday 12 January 2017 No Show
Friday 13 January 2017 No Show
Saturday 14 January 2017 2.30pm
Sunday 15 January 2017 2.30pm
Monday 16 January 2017 No Show
Tuesday 17 January 2017 No Show
Wednesday 18 January 2017 No Show
Thursday 19 January 2017 No Show
Friday 20 January 2017 No Show
Saturday 21 January 2017 2.30pm
Sunday 22 January 2017 2.30pm

*School Shows

Circus Panto

Make it educational

  • Literacy 

Make it fun

  • Learn Circus Skills first-hand in one of our enrichment lessons
  • Take away posters for your classroom (available on request)

Make it beneficial

  • FREE teacher inspection visit
  • FREE teacher places
  • Priority entrance
  • Reserved seating
  • Use of Circus arena before the show for a space to eat packed lunches
  • Pre-order interval ice-creams at a discounted rate
  • FREE downloadable risk assessment
  • Visit lasts 2.5 hours (1.5 hours for midday summer shows) 

Why not combine your trip to The Blackpool Tower Circus with our History of Circus and Clowns Curriculum Enrichment lesson.


The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

This special place is a hidden gem where your pupils will gaze in awe at an exceptional piece of Victorian architecture. Step onto the dance floor and your class can dance along to the sounds of the mighty Wurlitzer – exactly where Strictly Come Dancing finalists danced only months before! With dance floor-side seating the children will love watching other guests waltz by.

Make it educational

Key subjects that can be covered on a visit to The Blackpool Tower Ballroom (Key stage 1-4)

  • Art and Design
  • Literacy
  • Dance
  • History

Make it fun

  • Learn the steps you’ve seen on Strictly Come Dancing
  • Watch the mighty Wurlitzer rise through the stage floor
  • Exercise in a unique way

Make it beneficial

  • FREE teacher inspection visit
  • FREE teacher places
  • Priority entrance
  • Dedicated balcony area for packed lunches
  • Visit lasts approx 45 - 75 minutes

Why not combine your trip to The Blackpool Tower Ballroom with a 45 minute dancing Curriculum Enrichment lesson with our very own fully-qualified dance teacher who will show you all the moves you'll need to impress? 3 different sessions are available (KS1 - KS4).

Jungle Jim's

Jungle Jim's Indoor Play

Got a class of adventurers to entertain? Time to let the kids discover the amazing Lost City of Jungle Jim’s! They will love exploring the giant adventure playground surrounded by huge Inca Gods. You can watch on in contentment from the Harbourside Café with plenty of seating, as you enjoy time to relax, and they enjoy the playtime of their lives.

Why not reward your pupils' good work, attendance and behaviour with a trip to Jungle Jim's? (maximum height 4' 9'')


The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Take your students on a 60 minute journey through 1,000 years of Lancashire’s murky history, as our full cast of entertaining theatrical actors bring to life hilariously horrifying stories from the depths of Blackpool’s past.

With stunning special effects, authentic sets, witty comedy, a heart-stopping ride and a host of scary surprises lurking in the Dungeon, it’s a unique and fun introduction to a range of classroom subjects including History and Performing Arts.

Bring your class on a school trip to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon and our troupe of experienced, professional actors will take your students on a grisly journey into the town’s most notorious past, It’ll be a lesson they will never forget (minimum 2 adults per group).

Why not combine your trip to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon visit with a Shakespearean spell casting or drama session? (KS2-KS3)

School Resources

For more infomation and resorces on The Blackpool Tower Dungeon click here.

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