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  • Tuesday 18th June 2019
  • The Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower with Sea

Accessibility is a big thing for us at The Blackpool Tower because we’re firm believers in putting in the extra effort to make sure that everyone can experience everything we have to offer.

Everything from our parking to our attractions has been thought out thoroughly to include as many people as possible, and to adhere to the laws surrounding disability where possible.


When buying tickets, one registered carer can visit our attractions for free when the person they care for pays the full on-the-door price, but please remember to bring your official documented evidence proving you’re a carer to avoid any issues. Our admissions team are happy to help at any stage of the buying process if you’re unsure.


There are lots of pay and display car parks in Blackpool with designated spots for those with a disability. Houndshill Centre car park and Central car parks are just a short distance from Blackpool tower - but don’t forget your blue badge!


Throughout the building, you’ll find toilets with disabled access, as well as a Changes Places toilet situated on the same floor as The Blackpool Tower Ballroom. Speak to a member of staff to gain access to the toilets, as you’ll need a radar key to enter.

The Blackpool Tower

Mobility scooters aren’t accommodated for within The Blackpool Tower due to the age and design of the building, but wheelchairs will be provided to anyone who needs them.

Certain levels of The Blackpool Tower Eye are accessible to those with a disability, but the top levels are only accessible via sets of stairs. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome within The Blackpool Tower but must be kept under control at all times. The 4D cinema may not be suitable for your canine companions, due to the sound levels.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Because of the size of the rooms, two guests who require the use of a wheelchair or one guest who uses a mobility scooter can enter the tour at any one time. The show is fully accessible up until the ninth show, where the actor in the show will attentively guide you to a lift to continue on. To ride the Drop Dead: drop ride, guests must be able to hold their heads up unaided and manoeuvre themselves into the seat on their own, as there is no harness or crash bar. If you are unable to do this, you’ll be redirected to our lovely gift shop, and anyone within your group on the ride will join you shortly after.

There is strobe lighting used within the shows, and those who are hard of hearing or deaf should make themselves known to a member of staff, who will do their best to accommodate them.

The Blackpool Tower Circus

There are limited wheelchair spaces within the arena due to the age and design of the building, but we’ll do our best to help all our guests watch the show comfortably. Most of the seating is accessed via sets of steps, but there is disabled access on the ground floor. Please contact the team before your visit if you’ll require assistance gaining entry to the show, or for more information.

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

As noted previously, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom can accommodate all guests with a disability, except those who require the use of a mobility scooter - wheelchairs will be provided in their place. There is a chairlift at the entrance to the Ballroom to aid users up the five steps situated there. The balconies are not accessible via wheelchair, but the view is just as spectacular from the main floor.

Jungle Jim's

Mobility scooters are not permitted within Jungle Jim’s indoor play centre, but complimentary wheelchairs will be available. Children with some disabilities may not be able to use some of the equipment within the play centre, and there are a number of steps within the attraction. Parents or guardians must be responsible for children within the area at all times.

If you require any more information or are looking to visit with a large group of people with disabilities, please contact the Front of House team on 01253 622242 prior to your visit.