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  • Wednesday 19th July 2017

Blackpool Tower Portrait From Far

Summer is pretty much in full swing now, which means it’s time to start planning all the awesome activities you can get involved with while the sun is shining. So where better to start than with the national treasure that is, The Blackpool Tower?

The iconic landmark isn’t just a pretty face - there are tonnes of stuff to get up to while you’re there. Let’s take a look:

1. To feel on top of the world at The Blackpool Tower Eye

There’s nothing quite like a stunning view to remind you how gorgeous the North West is, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from The Blackpool Tower Eye. You’ll travel 380ft into the sky to the top of The Blackpool Tower and experience the thrilling SkyWalk - something daredevils and thrill-seekers will love. The five-centimetre thick glass viewing platform lets you look out to the Irish Sea, the famous Blackpool Promenade below as well as seeing some beautiful Bowland views.

Once you’ve finished gazing out at the world around you, the 4D cinema awaits, where you can experience the story of The Blackpool Tower with amazing sensory effects. A truly breathtaking adventure!

2. To laugh your socks off with Mooky and Mr Boo at The Blackpool Tower Circus

You can’t beat good old-fashioned fun, and the hilarious clowns at The Blackpool Tower Circus are the experts. Mooky and Mr Boo have wowed crowds of all ages for over two decades, taking their audiences around the world on an epic journey through space and time.

With jaw-dropping stunts and thigh-slapping jokes, the awe-inspiring show is a treat for everyone involved - and you can even watch the show in style from VIP ringside seating, or your very own Royal Box. Swanky!

3. To live the high life in The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

If glitz and glamour is what you’re looking for, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom has been oozing it since 1894. Dance fans from far and wide flock to the Ballroom for its world-famous sprung dance floor and spectacular architecture - something which remains as magnificent today as it did all those years ago.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you going, the famous Wurlitzer organ will accompany your visit, whether you’re strutting your stuff on the dance floor or are relaxing with some afternoon tea.

4. To venture into Lancashire’s murky past at The Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

While the sun may be shining above ground, down in the depths of the tower, things are very different indeed. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon houses some of the creepiest and most callous creatures you’ll ever encounter, and they’re just waiting for some company.

With a full cast of brilliant actors, 10 shows, fully immersive 360° sets, special effects and an exciting drop ride, it's a 60-minute journey through 1000 years of Lancashire’s gloomy past. Hold onto your companions as you wander through the dungeon, finding out about the Pendle witches, Lytham priory, the plague and the War of the Roses.

This attraction gets very busy, so it’s best to book ahead.

5. To let out your wild side in Jungle Jim’s.

The Lost City is just waiting to be explored by a team of intrepid adventurers, and your little one could be one of them! Inside you’ll find a range of swinging, sliding and climbing contraptions, perfect for your cheeky monkeys to have a roar-some time!

And if there’s a special occasion to be celebrated, you can even arrange a super fun party complete with goody bags, fish and chips, party games and your own dedicated host.

6. To soak in the sun in Blackpool.

Whether it’s a stroll along the promenade with an ice cream you desire or an action-packed afternoon building castles on the beach, Blackpool offers a wealth of fun so you can frolic to your heart’s delight.

There really is something for everyone at The Blackpool Tower, and with their great value ticket offers, you can spend the whole day seeing everything it has to offer.