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Light Up The Blackpool Tower

With its dazzling colourful bright lights,

The Blackpool Tower truly stands out as an iconic figure on Blackpool’s promenade, a centre-piece of celebration and history. We are offering you the amazing opportunity to Light Up The Blackpool Tower and have your moment in the spotlight.

The Blackpool Tower supports and celebrates many different cultures, events and charities in both the local and global community through its iconic and world-famous lighting.

Built in 1894, The Blackpool Tower stands at an impressive 518 feet and certainly stands out on Blackpool’s skyline. Boasting 25,000 eco-friendly LED lights The Blackpool Tower can help you celebrate, commemorate or highlight special events and celebrations in style! We accept applications from individuals, groups and organizations. For a fee of £500, we can light up The Blackpool Tower according to your request. Additional options include putting a message through the heart on The Blackpool Tower!

Charitable requests are entitled to a 50% discount, please see the below application form for details. 

To make a request, please complete the application form and email The Blackpool Tower at - please allow 14 days for responses to requests.

All applications submitted will be subject to review and availability.