Can the Blackpool Tower Become the 8th Wonder of the World? New Contest Will Decide the Winner

The Blackpool Tower has been nominated in a new contest to find the 8th Wonder of The World and needs your votes.

In the online competition, created by travel advice website Virtual Tourist, The Blackpool Tower is pitted against 299 of the World’s most famous landmarks including the 12 Apostles in Australia, The Empire State Building in New York and Old Town Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Voting runs from 3 June to 30 September 2013 at
General Manager of The Blackpool Tower, Kate Shane, said: “This is such a huge honour for The Blackpool Tower and I really hope the public gets behind us and votes.

“For the past 119 years The Blackpool Tower has been helping to create fantastic memories for visitors from across the globe and it’s those memories I hope will inspire the public to vote for us”

‘The Wonderland of the World’; world famous Blackpool Tower is filled with five amazing attractions including, The Blackpool Tower Eye with 4D Cinema experience and solid glass viewing platform The SkyWalk, The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, one of the world’s finest examples of a Victorian circus; The Blackpool Tower Circus, which resides amidst the legs of the famous Tower itself and the magnificent Blackpool Tower Ballroom.

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