We are looking for a ‘Mini’ team of little kids with big ideas to be recruited at The Blackpool Tower!

The Blackpool Tower is recruiting a mini team for some very big jobs at The Blackpool Tower. We are looking for kids aged 7 to 11 to join our Mini Tower Board, a group made up of some very important roles to shadow our team and inspire some big ideas.

We need an extra pair of hands and a young fresh approach to entertaining guests, young and old. We are recruiting kids to sit on the board because we are keen to hear from youngsters. In return for the ideas and input, the successful applicants will receive a life-time pass to The Blackpool Tower until they are 18 for them and three members of the family!


Check out the roles we are recruiting for below:

  • Mini Tower Chief: Overseeing the running of the Mini Tower Team! Making final decisions on all elements, ultimately the Alan Sugar of the Mini Tower Team!
  • Mini Chief of Fun: Our Mini Chief of Fun, also known as ‘Chief Attraction Tester!’ is responsible for ensuring everything we do is engaging and interactive!
  • Mini Chief of Staff: Our Mini Chief of Staff is responsible for ensuring ALL standards are kept high! Visiting in disguise as a mystery shopper, focusing on delivering those ‘Magical Experiences’ creating the magic!
  • Mini Chief of Treats: Chief of Treats is ‘Chief Tester’ of everything new, approving new sweets and treats for our attractions, alongside testing our entire food offering!
  • Chief Product Tester: Choosing NEW products to add in our Gift Shops! Thinking of NEW and COOL ideas of what kids might like in our Gift Shops!

What happens next?

We will contact you if your application is successful over the phone or via email to come in and meet our team. The meeting will be very informal and will consist of a few light hearted questions about the information you provided in the application. The chosen people will then be informed that they have a place on the board and of any upcoming events we would like them to attend.